Who am i



Molly - a hurting young woman who is confused
about herself and life in general because of abuse.

Nora and Audra - lovable twin sisters who are willing
to reach out to her and help her to find some answers.


Scene I

The scene opens with Nora on the phone talking with Molly.

Nora: Oh Molly, I'm so sorry you are going through such
a rough time.  Why don't you come to dinner tonight so we
can pray and talk over some solutions?  Good, see you at
seven then!

Audra (with concern in her voice): Is Molly having a hard
time again?

Nora (with a deep sigh): Yes, she is.  And we need to ask
for God's divine wisdom to know how to help her.

Audra: You're right, sister, this calls for Divine intervention.

Nora: Let's just ask our Heavenly Father for it right now.

Audra: That's okay by me - I'm in agreement with you.

Nora (reaching out and taking her sister's hand): Dear
Heavenly Father, Beloved Savior, and Precious Holy Spirit
before You ever sent Molly into our lives You knew she needed
help.  Now we are willing to partner with You in helping her,
but as You already know our wisdom and understanding of how
to help her is not adequate - we need Yours.  So thank You that
You will give us Your divine wisdom and insight into this matter.
And fill our thoughts with Your thoughts, our mouths with Your
words, and may our actions be in accordance with Your actions.
Please glorify Yourself through us this night to Your honor and
glory and praise - Amen.

Audra: Praise the Lord, it is in His Hands now!  With God on
Molly's side there is sure to be a good outcome.

Nora: Her own family certainly wasn't on her side during her
growing up years or even now. 

Audra: I am so saddened by what that poor child has had to go

Nora: I am too.  You know, that is probably why God sent her to
us.  As well as the fact that we know from personal experience
the pain of being mistreated by those who call themselves, "family."

Audra: What would we have done if God hadn't cared about our
pain and helped us?   

Nora: I don't know.  I am just grateful that He did.  And now
we can partner with Him to help someone who is going through
what we have already been through.

Scene II

The scene opens with Nora and Audra in the kitchen.  Nora is humming -
What a God You are - while she puts the finishing touches on the evening's
meal.  And Audra is humming along with her as she arranges some of their
prize-winning flowers as a centerpiece to complement their beautifully set table.

Audra: Molly is such a dear, it is such a pleasure to set a fine
table for her. 

Nora: Yes, it certainly is.  Sister, do you think she will like what
we have prepared for dinner.

Audra: Oh, she always seems so pleased with anything we do for
her, so I am sure our dinner will be fine. 

Nora: The poor dear hasn't had anyone who cared enough to do
special things for her.  I think that is why it is such a joy to be
able to do them for her.

Audra: I agree.  It is such a blessing to have the opportunity to
bring joy to another, especially one who hasn't had much
experience with it in their own life.

Nora: God has really blessed us - hasn't He, with this opportunity
to reach out to someone who is hurting!

Audra: Well, she certainly has brought a lot of joy into our lives.
Now I just hope we can bring a little into hers tonight.

(the sound of a doorbell ringing, interrupts their conversation)

Nora: Oh, that must be her now.  Help us, dear Lord, to bless this
young lady tonight.

Audra: Amen, to that Lord!

Scene III

The scene opens as Nora and Audra invite Molly in and immediately
embrace her in a circle of love. Molly wraps an arm around each one
of them and they stand there hugging for a moment.

Molly: I am so glad you invited me here tonight, I always feel
so safe and loved when I come here.

Audra: You are safe and loved here, Molly.

Nora (gesturing towards the living room): You certainly are.
Now come sit down and make yourself comfortable.

Molly: I don't know how to thank the two of you enough for
caring about me and my problems.

Audra: You know Molly, there is Someone else who cares
about you and your problems too.

Molly (looking surprised): There is - who?

Nora: God cares about you and your problems.

Molly (with sadness in her voice): Then why hasn't He done
something to help me?

Audra: We felt the same way when we were your age.  We
grew up hearing about God from our family, like you have.  But
it seemed as though He didn't care that our family continually
abused us.

Nora: It was only after we got away from them and sought to
know God for ourselves that we realized that God did care, and
had always cared.

Molly (with desperation in her voice and tears in her eyes): I am
so confused - who am I, what is God really like, and why does my
family abuse me?

Audra (going over to Molly and putting her arms around her): We
know what it's like, dear.  Abuse of any sort leaves a person
feeling very confused and in a lot of pain.  But especially when
the people doing the abusing claim to know God and imply that He
approves of their behavior.

Molly (looking up at Audra and giving a sigh of relief): You do know
how I feel! 

Audra: Yes, my dear, we do.  

Nora: We certainly do.  And we want you to know that it took
time for us to sort out our feelings and come to an understanding
of who God really is, and who we really are, and how we should feel
about those who abused us.

Audra: Some people think that because a family proclaims to know
the Lord, abuse couldn't happen in that family.  But they are wrong.
Abuse takes many different forms and isn't always apparent to
those outside the family.

Molly: That is the way it was in our family.  When we were out in
public, we played roles that weren't really us but it fooled others.
But then when we got home behind closed doors, everything changed.

Nora: You know dear, God saw what was going on behind those closed
doors and He really did care about the abuse you were having to go

Molly: Then why didn't He do something?

Audra: He did, long before you were born.  You see, God gave
everybody a free will - which means everyone has the choice of
doing good or bad and He won't take that back.  He could have
made us robots so we would automatically do everything He told
us to do, but then we wouldn't be free people but controlled
people.  And He wanted everyone to be free not controlled.

Nora: But that freedom has a price, even to God.  The Bible says
that when a person chooses to do bad to another without any regret
they will have to pay a price for that choice sooner or later.  God
gave mankind the freedom to choose to do right or wrong, so in
fairness to us, He made a way for us to be redeemed from the
choices to do wrong, if we really regretted that choice.

Molly: But I don't think my family regrets doing bad things to me.
In fact, they don't think what they did was bad.

Audra: Well, God is just and He knows when people do bad things
whether they ever admit to it or not.  And He is concerned about
those who have been the target of their bad actions.

Nora: My dear, He never wanted your family to abuse you.  And
He was not happy with their choice to do so.  And every time they
made you cry because of their abuse, He collected every tear as
a measure for how much joy He needed to give to you to replace
those tears.  He knew He would have to do some repair work in
your life because of the abuse and He planned just how He would
go about it.

Audra: Why don't we talk about that plan over dinner?

Scene IV

The scene opens with Nora, Audra, and Molly seated at the
beautifully set table, ready to eat the delicious meal that was
prepared with love.

Molly: Everything is so beautiful and the food looks so delicious.
It is like a banquet set for a king.

Nora: Well, we did invite Him to dinner tonight.

Molly (looking puzzled): What do you mean?

Audra: We asked the King of kings and the Lord of lords to join
us tonight.  And He graciously agreed because of His great love
and compassion for you.

Nora: Sister is talking about the Son of God.  My dear, we don't
think you came into our lives by happenstance.  We believe that the
Lord sent you to us because we could identify with your situation
since it is so similar to what we went through.  And we are sincerely
willing to partner with Him in helping you.

Audra: You see Molly, when the Son of God came to earth, people
could see God for themselves through Him.  But now that He has
gone back to heaven, we have to be willing to let God reveal
Himself to others through us - by means of the Holy Spirit's help.

Nora: Molly, my dear, do you believe that we love and care
about you?

Molly (with sincerity in her voice): Yes, I do, I really do.

Audra: Well, that is just a small sample of God's love and care
for you.

Nora: God knew you would need someone who could understand
what you had gone through so you wouldn't feel all alone in your

Molly (gently sobbing): So God really does care!

Audra (reaching over and patting Molly's hand): He cares more
than you can understand at this time.  And He really wants for you
to be His child.  And when someone hurts the ones He loves, it hurts
Him too.

Molly (visibly astounded): God wants me to be His child!

Nora: Yes, indeed He does.  He wants very much to be your Father.
And He is a wonderfully loving Father who wants nothing less than
the very best for His children and He would never ever abuse His

Audra: And that isn't all.  God the Son, the Father's first-born Son,
loves you very much and wants to protect you as an older brother
would protect a little sister.  And God the Holy Spirit loves you
very much too, and wants to comfort you in your times of need, as
a loving mother would comfort her child.   

Nora: Molly, isn't this a wonderful plan that God has for you?  He
has had this plan for you all along.  He just had to get you to a place
where His plan could be fulfilled.  When you were under the rule of
people who chose to do bad, His plan could not be fulfilled.  They
were not willing to partner with God for it to be fulfilled.

Audra (arising from the table): When the Son of God was here on
earth, He explained to a group of people the way to know who your
true family really is.  And I am going to get my Bible and read that
to you.

Molly: This is so overwhelming to me.  I have never heard the things
that you are sharing with me tonight.  It makes me feel so special
and very loved to learn that God loves and cares about me so much.
And I especially like the thought of accepting God as my Father
and being His child - His daughter.  And of also having a loving and
protective older brother, something I always thought would be nice.
And then to also have Someone who is willing to love and comfort
me as my mother never did.

Audra (returning to the table with her Bible): Listen to what your
big brother has to say in Matthew 12 verses 48 and 50 - "Who is
my mother?  Who are my brothers?  My true brothers and sisters
and mother are those who do the things that My Father in Heaven

Nora: Those verses were so comforting to us when we read them
years ago.  It helped us to put everything into perspective.  We
felt that God was letting us know that the people we thought was
our family was not really our family.  For He would never have
wanted them to abuse us.  So it gave us the courage we needed
to separate ourselves from these people and end their abuse of us.

Audra: But in order to heal the pain that they had caused us, we
needed to release them and their deeds to God so He could help us
forgive them, which would begin our healing process.

Nora: By releasing them and their deeds to God, it released us
from their control.  When a person causes you pain, they gain
control over you until you can release them and the pain they
caused you to God.

Molly: Will you help me to do this, I don't think I really know how?

Nora: Yes, my dear, we will be glad to help you in any way that
you need our help.

Audra: We want to see you free of this pain that you are in and
so does God.

Molly: Can we ask God to help me right now, before we eat, so I
can enjoy this wonderful meal and my time with you?

Nora (extending her hands out to Molly and Audra): Absolutely,
let's just join hands and release this situation to God so He can
begin helping you right away.  Our Loving Heavenly Father, Beloved
Savior, and Precious Holy Spirit - thank You for being here with us
tonight.  And thank You for caring about the pain Molly had to
endure as a child and which is now spilling over into her adult life.
Thank You that You will help her to give all her pain and those who
caused the pain to You, so she can be free of their control and
the pain they caused to her.  Thank You that You will give her joy
in portion to the pain she has endured.  And thank You that You
will help her to believe that You always loved her and cared about
her and it was never Your will for her to go through what she had
to go through, for she is Your beloved child, and You wanted only
goodness for her not pain.  Thank You that You will help her to find
her true family, those who will be willing to do what You want them
to do and be a blessing to her, instead of causing her pain.  We ask
this prayer in the Holy Name of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
and to Your honor and glory and praise now and forever - Amen.

Audra: And so be it - right away, Lord, please!

Molly: Thank you so much.  I feel as though a heavy burden has
been lifted.  And you know what - Audra?  I think God has already
begun to answer that prayer - for He gave me the two of you and
I would like to claim you as a part of my true family, if that is okay
with both of you?

Audra (with a great big smile on her face): If that is okay with us?
It is definitely okay with us!  We love you just like you were our own
already, don't we sister?

Nora (reaching over and laying her hand on Molly's): Indeed we do,
my dear, you have made both of us very happy by wanting us to be
a part of your family.  And we will be praying for God to show us how
to be a blessing to you all the days of our life.  And, Molly,  you must
always remember that you are a child of God, a beloved daughter.
And God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit love you more than anyone
else ever can and want nothing less than the very best for you.


 Scriptural instructions with a promise:

"He has put His brand upon us - His mark of ownership -
and given us His Holy Spirit in our hearts as guarantee
that we belong to Him, and as the first installment of all
that He is going to give us."
2 Corinthians 1:22

"See how very much our Heavenly Father loves us, for He
allows us to be called His children - think of it - and we really
are!  Whoever is a child of God does not continue to sin, for
God's very nature is in him; and because God is his Father,
he cannot continue to sin."
1 John 3:1,9

"Whoever believes that the Son of God is the Messiah is a
child of God.  And we know that the Son of God has come to
help us understand and find the true God."
1 John 5:1,20

"Loving God means doing what He tells us to do, and really,
that isn't hard at all; for every child of God can obey Him,
defeating sin and evil pleasure by trusting the Messiah to
help him."
1 John 5:3-4

Picture Yourself as a Beloved Child of God!


Let us pray in agreement that we will
follow the instructions of God's Word
so He can fulfill His promises:

Thank You Loving Heavenly Father, Beloved Savior, and
Precious Holy Spirit for loving us so much that You made a
way for us to be free of the penalty due for all the wrong
deeds that we did, so that we can now be called Your children.
And thank You that You will help us to obey You and do what is
right in Your sight, so that we can be a living testimony to others
of our relationship to You as Your child.  And thank You that You
will heal those we have wronged just as You are healing us where
others have wronged us.  Thank You that You will help us to release
those who wronged us to You so we can receive Your forgiveness
for them.  Thank You that You will bring Your children together to
help one another as the true family of God should.  To Your honor
and glory and praise now and forever.  Amen.


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