The Greatest Gift of Life


Jeff - a hard working man, who sincerely loves God
and trusts Him to provide for his family's every need,
instead of trusting in worldly riches.

Susan - a loving wife and mother who feels blessed
to be able to pursue the career of her choice, which
is taking care of her husband and daughter.

Betsy - Jeff and Susan's freckled-faced, red-headed,
inquisitive, and lovable little daughter.

Lois - Jeff's wealthy sister, who learns that trusting
in the wealth of the world to meet her needs causes a
great emptiness in her life.



The scene opens with Betsy thoughtfully watching her father as he
washes their older model car in the driveway of their older medium-sized

Betsy: Daddy, why don't we have a new car and a big new
house like Aunt Lois does?

Jeff (pausing for a minute): Do you think you would be
happier if we did?

Betsy (openly surprised): I don't know!  Is that why Aunt
Lois wanted those things, because she isn't happy?

Jeff (lovingly scooping Betsy up into his arms): You know
Kitten, that is exactly what some people do when they aren't
happy with their life - fill it up with things.  They think they
can buy happiness by seeking the wealth of the world and
surrounding themselves with it.

Betsy: Why isn't Aunt Lois happy with her life?

Jeff (speaking sadly): Because she doesn't have the
greatest gift of life ... a loving and personal relationship
with God.

Betsy (taking her father's face in her two little hands
and looking deeply into his eyes)  Do you have that gift

Jeff (giving Betsy a warm smile and a firm hug): Yes, I do
Kitten, and I feel richer than any rich man on earth.


The scene opens with Betsy sitting on a stool at the kitchen
counter helping her mother prepare cinnamon rolls to bake.

Betsy: Mommie, do you have the greatest gift of life like
Daddy does?

Susan: If you mean do I have a loving and personal relationship
with the God who created you and me and Daddy and everyone
else ... yes, I do!

Betsy: Does that make you happy?

Susan (placing the rolls on a baking sheet): It does when I let it.

Betsy (helping her mother put the rolls on the baking sheet):
How do you let it?

Susan: By being content with what God provides for me instead
of wanting what everybody else is getting for themselves.

Betsy: Would you like to have a new house and car like Aunt Lois

Susan (opening the oven and putting the rolls in to bake): Not if
it would cause me to focus more on things than God.

Betsy (climbing down from the stool and following her mother
to the sink):  What does focus mean?

Susan (rinsing some dishes and placing them in the dishwasher):
Focus means to pay more attention to one thing than you do to

Betsy: So, you want to focus more on God than things.

Susan: Yes, and if I do what God ask me to do, then He will see
that my needs are taken care of.  He knows what I should have
and what I shouldn't have.  So I trust Him to take good care of
me - just like Daddy and I take good care of you.

Betsy (looking up at her mother with a whimsical grin): God is like
a Daddy and Mommie?

Susan (wiping her hands and then lovingly picking up her daughter):
Well, I guess you could say that.  He created us and provides for
us.  But there is another role God plays in our life - He is also our
Savior.  When we make mistakes or do things that we shouldn't
have done and we are truly sorry about it, He forgives us and
helps us to start over and do things right.


The scene opens with Susan and Betsy sitting on
the couch reading a book, when the doorbell rings.

Susan (getting up and opening the door): Hi Lois, come in. I'm
glad to see you.

Lois (entering the house): Something sure smells good!

Susan (closing the door): Oh, that must be the cinnamon rolls
Betsy and I are baking.

Lois (bursting into tears): Oh Susie, I am so miserable.
That is why I wanted to come to your house.  There is so much
happiness in this house.  All of you seem to find such happiness
in the simple things of life, while I have an abundance of things
without much happiness - why?

Betsy (rushing to her aunt's side and giving her a hug):
Aunt Lois, you need the greatest gift of life like Mommie and
Daddy have.

Lois (looking down astonished at her little niece): What is the
greatest gift of life?

Betsy: Having God be like a Daddy and Mommie and Savior
to you.

Lois (looking bewildered): Susie, what is she talking about?

Susan: She is giving a simple explanation of the roles that the
God of all creation, God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, want
to fulfill in our lives if we will let Him.

Lois (sinking down wearily into a chair): Oh, I know that you and
my little brother believe that God will take care of you.  But you
have to because you don't have the money to get everything you
want.  But I have the money to get anything I want.

Susan (sitting down on the couch with Betsy): Lois, even if Jeff
and I had the money to get everything we wanted, we would not
want to give up our loving and personal relationship with God.
Earthly riches are not dependable, but God is always dependable.

Lois: How do you know for sure that you can depend on Him?

Susan: Because He made some promises to us and recorded them
in the Bible so we would know what He earnestly desires to do for
us.  Then we trust Him to keep those promises as long as we are
obedient to His instructions in regards to how to live our lives.

Lois: You really believe this, don't you?

Susan: Yes, I do.  You have the riches of the world but they
don't seem to be bringing you the happiness you need.  Why not
try a personal and loving relationship with the One who created
you and wants to redeem you from your vain search for happiness
in earthly riches and things?  You can't find lasting happiness apart
from God's eternal love which gives to you His redemption, provision,
and protection.

Lois (gently sobbing): Why should God care whether I'm happy or
not?  I have never even given Him a thought in regards to the way
I live my life.

Susan (rising from the couch, handing Lois some tissues, and gently
putting her arm around her): That is why it is called the greatest
gift of life.  It doesn't matter what you have done in the past. 
God is ready to forgive you and give you a new beginning the moment
you are truly sorry for living a life that was not pleasing to Him.

Lois: Will He make me give up all my earthly riches?

Susan: He always allows us to choose, He never demands His own
way.  He will let you choose unhappiness with an abundance of things,
or lasting happiness with Him.  You can't love earthly riches or things
and God at the same time.  Why would you want to cling to something
that is not bringing you lasting happiness?  Actually, your earthly
riches is not the problem, your focus on how to use them is the

Lois: What do you mean my focus?

Susan: The Bible says that the earth and everything that is
in it and everyone who is upon it belongs to God.  You could
use the earthly riches which you have acquired, which really
belong to God, to bless others on His behalf.  That way your
focus or attention would not be on yourself and what God's
earthly riches could do for you, but what they could do for
others.  The Bible says it is more blessed to give than to
receive.  It would give you lasting happiness to share God's
riches on His behalf with those He shows to you that are in
true need.

Lois: I would like that.  What must I do to start over and do
things differently, so I can have this lasting happiness.

Susan: Just by telling God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
that you didn't understand until now why you had been given
so much of the earth's riches.  But you are starting to
understand and you want to be a giver on His behalf and not
just a receiver.  And you are sorry for the way you have lived
your life up until now and you want to learn how to live your
life pleasing in His sight not the world's.  That you want to
have a loving and personal relationship with Him more than
with earthly riches or things.  Then thank Him for His
never-ending love, mercy, grace and forgiveness towards you.
Lois, He is waiting with open arms to welcome you into His way
of life which leads to lasting happiness.

Betsy (who had been silently listening as her mother and
Aunt Lois talked, got off the couch and ran to her aunt's side):
Then you will have the greatest gift of life too.  Won't that be
wonderful?  Daddy will be so happy!


Scriptural instructions with a promise:

"Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth
and rust does corrupt, and where thieves break through and
steal: but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where
neither moth nor rust does corrupt, and where thieves do
not break through and steal: for where your treasure is,
there will your heart be also. You can not serve God and
wealth."  Matthew 6:19-21,24

"Therefore take no thought, saying: what shall we eat, or
what shall we drink, or wherewithal shall we be clothed?
For all these things do the unrighteous seek.  Your Heavenly
Father knows that you have need of all these things. But seek
first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all these
things shall be added unto you."  Matthew 6:31-33

"You say, 'I am rich, with everything I want; I don't need a
thing!  And you don't realize that spiritually you are wretched
and miserable and poor and blind and naked. My advice to you
is to buy pure gold from Me, gold purified by fire - only then
will you be truly rich..."  Revelation 3:17-18

Let us pray in agreement that we will follow the
instructions of God's Word so He can fulfill His promises:

Thank You Loving Heavenly Father, Beloved Savior, and
Precious Holy Spirit for making us aware of our need to lay up
treasures for ourselves in Heaven instead of on earth, so our
thoughts can be focused on You and not on the things of earth.
And thank You that You will help us to know how to seek Your
Kingdom first and Your righteousness, so that You can provide
for our every need, with ample left over to bless others on Your
behalf.  To Your honor and glory and praise. Amen.


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