A Genuine Relationship





Matt - a young man who wants to know what
it means to have a genuine relationship with God

Shari - a good friend who is willing to tell him
what it means and what he must do to have
that kind of a relationship.


Scene I

The scene opens with Matt and Shari sitting on the couch talking.

Matt: Are you sure you don't want to go to Eric's party

Shari: Yes, I'm sure.

Matt: Why don't you like Eric?

Shari: Oh, it isn't Eric that I don't like, it's his earthly ways
that I don't like.

Matt: But doesn't he claim to be a Christian?

Shari: He says he is but his words and actions don't bear
witness to his claim.

Matt: He goes to church all the time.

Shari: That doesn't make him a Christian, only a church-goer.

Matt (looking puzzled): Why would someone who is not a
Christian want to go to church?

Shari: There are a lot of different reasons.

Matt: Such as?

Shari: Well, your parents could make you go because they
go.  Or you might like the social part of church, where you
meet with your friends to have fun.  But your thoughts are
far from God and having an intimate and personal relationship
with Him.

Matt: You and your family go to church all the time.
Why do you go?

Shari: Well, at first because my parents went and they
took me with them.  But then I started enjoying the socializing
and fun that the church offered for the young people. But
there seemed to be something lacking in my life that I couldn't
quite understand.  I saw my parents coping with the trials and
tribulations of everyday life with a peace and assurance that I
didn't see in many other people, so I started asking them some

Matt: And what did they say?

Shari: Let's go make ourselves some sandwiches and I will
tell you while we eat.


Scene II

The scene opens with Shari and Matt sitting at the table with their sandwiches
and cold drinks.

Matt (starting to take a bite out of his sandwich): So, tell me
what they said!

Shari (sipping her drink, pauses): They said that going to church
wouldn't make any difference in my life, if I didn't take the
time to establish my own personal and intimate relationship with
God.  That being religious, always going to church, but not having
my own personal relationship with God, was just for show and
a genuine relationship with God at all. They said that if they never
went to church again, they would still maintain their personal and
intimate relationship with God. And they would accomplish that
by reading their Bible daily and asking God in prayer to
them obey its instructions for their life, so that they could live
a life pleasing and glorifying to Him.  They said that going to
church was a
place to meet together with others, but it should
never replace one's private and personal
moments spent with
God each
day building a lasting relationship with Him and
learning how to live His way, instead of the world's way.

Matt: Wow! So the title "Christian" could mean different
things to different people.

Shari: That's right. But only a genuinely personal and intimate
relationship with God can make a difference in the way you
think and talk and act.

Matt: So that is what you meant about Eric - he goes to church
and claims to be a Christian, but it hasn't made any difference
in the way he thinks or talks or acts.

Shari: Exactly! He still has a worldly lifestyle, not a Godly lifestyle.

Matt: You know, I have noticed that about you. You do seem to be
different in the way you think and act than most of us. But I didn't
know why.

Shari: Well, I started doing exactly what my parents said they
did - spending quality time with God the Father, Son, and Holy
Spirit each day through Bible reading and prayer.
And it really
helped me to understand how God wants me to think and talk
and act. But then I have the responsibility of trying to actually
live my life that way.  Just learning the way
something should
be is not enough, you have to do it as well.

Matt: So that's the reason you are not always willing to go
along with the crowd.  I always wanted to do what everybody
else was doing, so I would fit in.

Shari: I know. It isn't easy choosing to live a Godly lifestyle
when everyone you know has chosen a worldly lifestyle.

Matt: How do you do it?

Shari: I couldn't on my own. It is only with God's help that
I can.  He promised that He would never leave me nor forsake
me, so I know that I am not alone in my efforts to live life His
way.  When God the Son came to earth to make a way for us
to be free from a worldly lifestyle and its consequences,
people considered Him different too.  So He knows the
obstacles that I face.  And He, along with the Holy Spirit,
are ready and willing to help me stay true to God the
Father's way of thinking and talking and acting, just like
He did when He walked the earth.

Matt: Is that where this personal and intimate relationship
with God makes the difference?

Shari: Yes, if I didn't stay connected to God the Father,
Son, and Holy Spirit through daily Bible reading and prayer, 
I would feel alone and unable to resist the world's way of
thinking and talking and acting that is all around me on a
daily basis.

Matt: I really would like to give up my worldly way of thinking
and talking and acting.  How do I go about having a personal
and intimate relationship with God like you do?

Shari: Just by telling Him what you want to do and asking
for His help.

Matt: But I don't know how to talk to God.

Shari: It isn't hard. He is always right there waiting for
you to talk to Him, just like you talk to me. He has always
loved you and wanted a personal and intimate relationship
with you.  But He never demands His own way, so He waits
for you to want it too, before He starts helping you to have it.

Matt: Will you help me talk to God?

Shari: Sure, just repeat the words I say after me:
Dear God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - I just learned
that You have always loved me and that You want a personal
and intimate relationship with me, and I want to tell You that
I want that with You too.  I don't really like what I think or
say or do, so would You please help me to think and speak
and do things that would reflect a Godly lifestyle, instead
of a worldly lifestyle.  Thank You, Amen.

Matt (in awe of what has just happened): Is that all I have
to do?

Shari (smiling at her friend): No, that is only the beginning.
 Now you must commit to spending quality time with God in
daily Bible reading and prayer, so He can do what you asked
of Him - help you reflect a Godly lifestyle in everything you
think and say and do.  Remember, a personal relationship with
another person takes the commitment of both people to last.
And to have a genuine relationship, those two people have to
be willing to share themselves with one another openly and
intimately on a daily basis.

Matt: What if I mess up?

Shari: As long as you are sincere about wanting to have a
personal and intimate relationship with God and make every
effort to live life His way, instead of the world's way, He
will never give up on you.  Just confess your mistakes and
He will forgive you and help you to start all over again for
as long as it takes. He is very patient with those who have
an earnest desire for an intimate and personal relationship
with Him and are willing to obey His instructions for
living a Godly life.


Scriptural instructions with a promise:

"Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet,
and a light unto my path."
Psalm 119:105

"Not everyone who says to Me,
Lord, Lord, will enter the
Kingdom of Heaven, only those
who do what My Father in
Heaven wants."  Matthew 7:21

"Why do you call Me,  Lord,
but not do what I say?"
 Luke 6:46

"You are to love the Lord your God
with all  your heart, and with all your
soul, and with all your strength, and
with all your might."  Luke 10:27

"Far more blessed are those who hear
the Word of God and obey it!"  Luke 11:28

Let us pray in agreement that we will
follow the instructions of God's Word
so He can fulfill His promises:

Thank You Loving Heavenly Father, Beloved
Savior, and Precious Holy Spirit that You will
help us to love You with all of our heart, and
soul, and strength, and might.  And thank You
that You will help us to stay focused on Your
Word and to obey it, so that our thoughts and
words and actions will be of You and not of the
world.  To Your honor and glory and praise.


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