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with the Lord about daily living

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"The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.  He makes
me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside
the still waters.  He restores my soul; He leads me in
the paths of righteousness for His name's sake.  Yea,
though I walk through the valley of the shadow of
death, I will fear no evil; for You are with me, Your rod
and Your staff they comfort me.  You prepare a table
before me in  the presence of my enemies;  You anoint
my head with oil; my cup runs over.  Surely goodness
and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I
will dwell in the house of the Lord forever."
Psalm 23:1-6

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Good Morning Lord ...

Last night was a scorcher, but that cool morning
breeze that is coming through my window now is
most refreshing - thank you for sending it my way.

I hear some of your new creations chirping away
this morning as their mother looks for some food
to bring to them.  She seems to place it so carefully
in each one of their little mouths.  I think there is a
lesson in this for me.

I am your child and you love me and care about my
needs.  So when I cry out to you to help me with that
which I cannot do for myself you loving respond to my
cry and meet my need without hesitation.

Oh, look at the mother quail and her babies scurrying
across the lawn.  The babies are staying as close to
their mother as possible.  They let her lead and then
they follow right behind.  There is papa quail sitting
on the fence with a watchful eye overseeing all that
mama quail and babies are doing.  Uh oh, papa spies
a problem and is alerting mama so she hurries and
gets her babies to safety under a bush.

It is Sylvester the cat taking his leisurely morning
stroll around the yard.  Poor Sylvester, he really isn't
out looking for food since that is provided for him
and he has become fat and lazy due to the provisions,
but that doesn't matter to the papa and mama birds,
they still view him as an enemy to their babies.  And
as good parents they are ever watchful in guarding
and protecting their young. 

The mocking birds have spied Sylvester too and in
order to hurry him along his way they start using him
for dive bombing practice.  Poor Sylvester, he must
want to say to them, "Hey, wait a minute fellows, this
is my yard, not yours!  " Of course, I think they fully
believe that the bushes and trees in the yard were
provided for them so they could build nests for their
young.  So they would probably strongly debate this
point with him.

Another lesson for me - isn't it, Lord?  You love me
and watch over me even when I am not aware of it.
You are always keeping a watchful eye on me and
alerting me when danger is ahead so I can get to
safety before the enemy approaches.  If I follow
your guidance I will dwell in the secret place of the
Most High and abide under the shadow of the Almighty
where the enemy cannot touch me.  You have created
birds to know that a cat is a potential enemy to them
and they immediately heed your guidance.  They don't
question or reason they just do as you have instructed
them to do - take cover when one approaches.  May I
always be as obedient to your guidance as they are.

Well, Lord, I have really enjoyed our visiting time this
morning but I must get ready for work now.  I pray that
I won't forget the important lessons you have taught me
this morning through your creation.  May I stay close to
you all day.  Letting you lead and then following closely
behind you.  May I go forth with confidence into this new
day knowing that you are with me and will always be
watching over me and you will alert me if there is danger
ahead so I can scurry into your protective arms where I
will be safe from all harm.


Good Night Lord ...

I am so glad that you were with me throughout this day.
I had so many important decisions to make and without
your guidance I know I would have made some wrong
choices.  The people who work with me and for me
need me to make wise choices but with out your
guidance I wouldn't be as able to do that.  I can see that
my family depends on me to make wise choices for
them too.  Just as I watched that papa quail this morning
watching over and standing guard over his family that
is what you want me to do for the family you have given
to me - isn't it, Lord?  But I can't successfully do that
apart from your guidance.  Papa quail relied on the
instructions you had given to him to know how to be a
good mate and a good parent and I must do that too.
I must read your instruction manual for life (the Bible)
and do just as it says.  Then I too can be a good mate
and parent.

Now as I lay down to rest this tired body, I trust you to
continue watching over me through the night so that I
can have a peaceful night's rest with no fear of harm.

See you in the morning, Lord!

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Good Morning Lord ...

I had such a refreshing sleep last night.  My precious
little one slept right through the night for the first time.
I woke up and ran to her room to see if anything was
wrong but she was sleeping peacefully.  Thank you for
letting both of us to get some much needed rest.

You know, Lord, as I stood over her crib looking down
on her, my heart filled with such love for her.  I want
her to have such a blessed life.  I want nothing less
than the very best for her.

As I share this with you, I realize that is exactly how
you feel about me too.  You look down upon me with
your heart aglow with love for me and you want nothing
less than the very best for me.  I think I am going to
learn a lot about your heart towards me because I now
have a child of my own to love and care about.

I need your help through this day to get organized
and get everything done that I need to get done.  You
created the earth and everything in it so I know you
know how to get things done.  Teach me your ways.

I hear my precious little one stirring now.  My busy
day is beginning.  But with your help I know I can do
what needs to be done today.


Good Night Lord ...

Thank you for helping me with my busy day.  I might
have gotten through this day without your help but I
wouldn't be as at peace as I am now.  I would have
been extremely frazzled.  I am tired, it was a full day,
but I feel good about all that you helped me to accom-
plish today.  I felt your strength upholding me and I
was so grateful to know that you were right there with
me no matter what I was doing - the dishes, the washing,
the vacuuming, the cooking, and even the diaper changes. 

You shared and lightened my load all through this day.
Now I lay down in peace with a joy in my heart because
I know I am your precious little one and you will always be
there to help me no matter what the situation happens to be.

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Good Morning Lord ...

I am dreading this day.  As you noticed I tossed and
turned all night.  I hurt my best friend yesterday and
now I dread meeting up with her in class.  She has
every right not to like me anymore but I really don't
want our friendship to end.  I really didn't mean to
betray her and tell her secret, it just seemed to come
pouring out of me.  I know I should have stopped to
think before I opened my mouth but I didn't.  So what
is new?  Please help me know what to say to her
today so she will listen to me.  I tried to apologize to
her yesterday but she just wouldn't listen to me when
I tried.  I hope you are not mad at me too but are
listening to me and will help me.

I think I see a problem with my behavior that needs
your correction.  I know I have betrayed you too at
times and I really am sorry for that.  I get so full of
myself and I go around saying and doing things
before I think it through.  Those other girls used this
behavior problem of mine to trick me into telling them
what they wanted to know.  But I realize now that I
can't blame them for my behavior as I tried to do
yesterday.  I have to take responsibility for my own
behavior which caused the problem for my friend.  I
want to change and I have tried to change but I see that
I can't do it by myself.  I need your help.  I don't want my
behavior to continue to cause a problem in my relationship
with my friend nor with you.

Fill my mind with your thoughts so I will know how to
reach out to my friend and sincerely apologize to her.
Only you can heal this broken relationship so I am just
going to turn it all over to you.  Help me to just follow
your leading and not get in your way.


Good Night Lord ...

Thanks for getting me through this day.  It wasn't
easy but with your help I made it.  I can see that once
you betray a friend it will be hard to get them to trust
you again.  I did as I felt you would have me to do and
admitted responsibility for what had happened.  I told
her that I knew I had messed up big time but I really
didn't want our friendship to end.  And I understood it
would probably take some time for her to trust me
again.  That seemed to soften her heart.

I know one thing, I have really learned a lesson
here that I will never forget.  This situation really got
my attention.  And it has made me think - something I
really need to do a lot of.  I need to think more seriously
about my relationship with you as well as with others.
I can see that I hurt you when I betray you with my words
and actions.  I don't want to continue doing this.  So I ask
you to help me change and become a more dependable
and trustworthy person.  Thank you for forgiving me and
loving me no matter how bad I mess up.

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Good Morning Lord ...

I am having feelings that are a little scary to me.  As
you know I met this girl and she seems so different
from all the other girls that I have known.  She seems
so special.  I want to treat her differently than I have
treated other girls in the past.  I don't think I have been
as respectable as I should have been.  I seemed to
have only been thinking about my own needs and how
they could meet those needs.  But she deserves better
treatment than that.  Help me to understand these new
feelings that I am having.

I have watched my father and the way he treats my
mother with such loving respect and I want to imitate
that in my relationship with this girl.  My parents have
told me many times that there is a big difference
between a loving relationship and one that just meets
your needs.  I think I am beginning to understand that now.

This makes me wonder about my relationship with
you.  Have I been as respectable to you as you deserve,
or have I just been thinking about how I can use you to
meet my needs?  You deserve better treatment than
that from me.  Maybe this new relationship is going to
teach me a great deal about how my relationship with
you really should be.


Good Night Lord ...

Talking things over with you this morning really helped.
It has caused me to look at things in a totally different way.
I have had to examine my heart and be honest about the
wrong attitude I have had towards you and others.  Instead
of always seeing how someone can meet my needs, I want
to be more aware of how I can meet the needs of others
without wanting something back in return.

I want to serve you and not be so demanding about
having everything the way I want it.  I want to treat you
with the love and respect that you deserve and I think
that will help me to be more loving and respectable to others.

Thank you for using my new relationship with a very
special girl to teach me a valuable lesson that will bless
both our lives.

Visit Five

Good Morning Lord ...

What a glorious day!  Fifty years ago today, you sent
a wonderful man into my life and what a blessing he
has been to me all these years.  All of our children
along with our friends will be here today to help us
celebrate this blessed union with a big party.  He has
been a joy to live with but we have still had our rough
times.  We just always remembered what we had been
told when we first got married - to always include you
in our marriage and you would help us through the
rough spots.  And you have been so faithful to do that
for us.

When his time in the Army put distance between us
and I was so afraid that he wouldn't come home to me
again, you reassured me that you knew the plans you
had for us and they were plans for good.  That comforted
my heart and I held on to your promise until he was
safely home again.  And we have had a very good life.
It hasn't been free of struggles and heartaches but you
have always been there for us and helped us get through
those times.

I am so thankful for our children and the way they
grew up to love you.  If they had not had a father who
loved you and their mother and tried to make a home
where we were all encouraged to love you and one
another I am sure we would have had a completely
different life.  So I am very thankful for a godly
husband and father.

Lord, this day would not be possible without you and
your love and care of us all through these years.  Maybe
we took your love and care for granted and didn't take
the time often enough to say a simple, "thank you," for
being there and taking care of us.  So let me tell you
now that I really appreciate all that you did for our family
all these years.  We love you, Lord, for your loving-
kindness and goodness to us.  As we celebrate our love
today, we will also be celebrating your love for us.
Come and be the center of our party today, Lord!


Good Night Lord ...

Thank you for the wonderful love-filled day that
you gave to us.  My heart has been full and running
over with joy all day.  I felt your love there at the center
of everything.  Without you and your love being a part
or our lives we just wouldn't have had such a special family.

I tell my children to always place you in the center of
their lives so they can continue to have what was started
here in our family so many years ago.  And I encourage
them to share this secret with their children.  I want that
to be the inheritance that this family passes down from
one generation to the next forever.
That is a far more
valuable inheritance than any amount of gold or silver
can ever be.

As long as we have you, Lord, our needs will be met
with plenty left over to share with others.  The precious
love you gave to me and my husband has been shared
with our children and now our grandchildren.  How
blessed we all are because of you and what you have
given to us!

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