A Special Visitor



The day started off just like any other day so Amanda was not
expecting anything out of the ordinary to happen.  She had
gotten up, dressed, and fixed breakfast for her daughter Julie.
Then she cleaned up the dishes while her daughter got ready for
school.  School was not within walking distance so she would be
driving her to school just like every other school day.

Amanda's life had lots of ups and downs.  So she had learned
to place each day in God's hands.  She was a single mother trying
to raise her young daughter and keep a roof over their heads and
put food on the table.  She worked at home as a dressmaker.  She
had been in a terrible accident several years earlier and her body
still bore the evidence of it.  Sometimes she was in so much pain
she could hardly bear it.  So she was grateful that the Lord had
given her the talents she needed to make a living from home as
a dress maker.  She really enjoyed designing and creating beautiful
garments for her customers to wear.  She had often thought that
her body was like a designer garment that had been ripped and torn
apart and no one seemed to be able to restore it to its original design.

Last night had been a night full of both emotional and physical
pain for Amanda.  Nights were some of her worst times.  She still
had nightmares about her wreck and all that had happened after
that.  It had really been rough and after several months her
husband just wasn't able to deal with it any more.  He had married
a beautiful and vivacious woman but when the accident changed
her looks and her ability to get around he just couldn't handle it,
so he left.  This caused her deep emotional pain, along with her
physical pain, and there were times when she didn't think she
could possibly keep going.  But then Julie would come and put
her arms around her neck - give her a big hug and say, "I still
love you, Mommy, for you are still beautiful on the inside." 
Her young daughter had always seemed to have wise insights
beyond her years.

The round trip from home to school and back home again took
her about forty-five minutes.  As she turned down the street where
she lived she noticed that a strange car was parked in front of her
house going the wrong way with the driver's door standing wide
open, but no one was in sight.  She drove into the driveway and
noticed at once that someone had opened the side gate which led
to the backyard.  She was puzzled as to who could possibly be in
her backyard.  She slowly got out of her car looking around
cautiously as she did so.  Then a man appeared at the gate and
said to her, "Oh there you are, I have been looking for you."

Amanda had no idea who this strange man was and why he
would be looking for her.  She just stood there looking at this
man in bewilderment.  But she didn't have any sense of fear at all.
He continued talking and said, "I have come to deliver a message
to you from God because He wants you to know that He loves you
very much.  He wants you to know that He is aware of all that you
have been going through and He cares about the emotional and
physical pain you are now enduring because of the past events in
your life.  It may not look like it now but there is going to be a
better tomorrow.  And He also wants you to know that He will
never leave you nor forsake you.  And He will always take good
care of you and Julie."

Amanda was awe-struck.  How could this stranger possibly know
the pain she had been going through these past few years?  "Well,"
he continued, "that is all I have to tell you for now so I will be
going.  I won't be back unless I am sent to give you another message." 
With that said, he turned and walked towards his car.  Amanda
just stood there in a daze.  She watched as he got into the car and
then waved good-bye to her as he drove away.

Her mind was all a whirl as she walked towards her front door.
What had just happened here?  Was it all for real?  As she
approached her front porch something moved and then fluttered
into the air.  It was a white dove!  "Dear God, this must really be
a message from you," Amanda exclaimed with great awe as tears
started to roll down her cheeks.

Amanda didn't tell anyone about this special visitor and his
message of love until many years later.  Yet she pondered it all in
her heart many times just as one would ponder loving words from
a beloved.  And it helped her to hold on when the going was rough.
For she was certain that God really did love her very much and would
never leave her no matter what the circumstances of her life might be. 
And she was so grateful to Him for sending that special visitor with
His message of love to re-assure her of His never-ending love for her.

"Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people
have entertained angels without knowing it."  Hebrews 13:2

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