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Giving Thanks


It is so easy to give thanks

to the Lord when all is right,

when the sun is shining bright

 and the skies are clear and heavenly blue;

what little effort it takes to praise Him

when life is so right in our sight.


Oh, but it isn't so easy to give thanks

to the Lord when all is not right,

and the sun is no longer shining

and the skies are cloudy and gray;

what great endeavor it takes to praise Him

when life is not so bright.


But that is just the time we need

to praise and thank Him the most,

for the loving, caring, compassionate,

and faithful God that He is;

then over doubt and fear,

we will triumph by this great boast.


So let's give thanks always

no matter what the circumstances may be,

for in time the sun will shine brightly again

and in the sky we will see

that glorious rainbow promise

which will fill our hearts with great glee.


"It is good to say - Thank You - to the Lord,
to sing praises to the God who is above all gods."
Psalm 92:1


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