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Scripture Verse Line-up



Challenge  Two


To line-up the words of the five Scripture verses below: arrange the word magnets on the boards straight across (horizontally) by left clicking on the words and dragging them into their proper order - reading left to right. Sometimes the magnets will stack on top of one another, so check underneath them for any missing words.  Each line-up has been rated as to whether it is a level 1, 2, 3, or 4 - one being the easiest and four the hardest.  The levels are in random order.

Suggestion: start with the hints given for each of the verses; then spread out the remaining words so you can see what you have left to fill in the gaps between the hints.

Have fun and if at first you don't succeed - try, try again - by clicking the refresh button ... practice will make perfect!


"All Scripture is ... profitable for instruction ..." 2 Timothy 3:16


Level 2 Challenge:

Verse Line-up One ... Psalm 100:2 - Today's English Version

hints: (first word - Worship) ... (some in-between words ---  joy; come \ Him) ... (last word - songs!)



Level 1 Challenge:

Verse Line-up Two ... Psalm 91:2 - Today's English Version

hints: (first word - You) ... (middle of verse - God; in) ... (last word - trust.)



Level 3 Challenge:

Verse Line-up Three ... John 1:1 - New King James Version

hints: (first word - In) ... (some in-between words --- Word, and \  with God, ) ... (last word - God.)



Level 4 Challenge:

Verse Line-up Four ... John 1:14 - New King James Version

hints: (first word - And)... (some in-between words --- flesh \ us, and \ glory, the \  begotten \ Father, full) ... (last word - truth.)



Level 2 Challenge:

Verse Line-up Five ... John 10:14 - New International Version

hints: (first word - I) ... (some in-between words --- Shepherd; I \ and) ... (last word - Me.)



Click here to view the proper order of the words for the five Scripture verses given above.


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