A Prayer of Love ...



My Lord , I love You and my heart

thrills at the thought that You love

me.  A Holy, Majestic, Omnipotent

God loves me!  If only I would keep

this truth in my mind nothing else

would matter.  I would be able to

love others and if they did not return

that love it would matter little for

I would never feel lonely; my own

heart would be filled to overflowing

with infinite Love.  If I never forgot

Your Love for me I would never fear

the future or failure for I would live

in You and Your Love would be my

eternal success.  My heart would always

sing the songs of lovers and my mind be

filled with noble thoughts.  My life would

have purpose and death would be only the

meeting place of separated lovers.  Ah, yes,

my Lord, if only I would remember Your

infinite Love for me -- little me -- I would

have strength to climb the highest mountain

and courage to travel the most raging sea.

- Mother M. Angelica -


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